Three Star Delight Pixiu

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Three Star Delight Pixiu bites 3 gold coins in mouth, which symbolizes the 3 stars "Fu Lu Shou“ (Representing: (Fu) Fortune Star, (Lu) Wealth Star, and (Shou) Career & Health Star). This Pixiu have the completeness goods energy magnetic field that a person needs. It can improve the energy magnetic field for the owner in all directions.

[Fortune Star] It symbolizes the good blessings and brings us to respond and fulfill our wishes.

[Wealth Star] It symbolizes the promotion of wealth, brings us good character and learning, fame and fortune, wealth, food and clothing, and respect by others.

[Career & Health Star] It symbolizes prosperous career luck, enhances the harmony of family, and brings us career promotion, and happiness family. It can also bring us a longevity, a full of descendants, and  good hope for future generations.

The design of the Three Star Delight Pixiu is round and plump, symbolizing 24-hour continuous helping owner, collect fortune, wealth and longevity, making life full of hope.

There is another hidden mystery in the Three Star Delight Pixiu, that is, the 4th gold coin is secretly bitten at the bottom, which means that there is noble support and help in hiddenly. There are also 2 small gold coins on the chin, which help the owner save money and manage money, which has the meaning of observe money.

Three Star Delight Pixiu is very humanity. It has a dissatisfied action ability and a mentality of "There is no best but better". It is the most profitable and greedy Pixiu. So, if you have any wish, you may communicate and pray with Three Star Delight Pixiu.









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