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PIXIU BERHAD attended an interview with a program [ShangHai Talk of Fame] hosted by Shanghai-Malaysia’s Oldest Chinese Commercial Media Platform.


Successful People In Malaysia

Founders of PIXIU Berhad was invited to be interviewed by British Publishing House and share the success story of the founders, and the story of founders will be included in the encyclopedia 【Successful People In Malaysia】which published by British Publishing House. This book will be treasured in Malaysia of major Libraries.

This Encyclopedia 【Successful People In Malaysia】 interviewed and collected many successful people from different fields in Malaysia, including scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes, famous entertainers, etc., included Former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, World Badminton Champion Dato’ Lee Chong Wei, World Star Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Michelle Yeoh, etc., their successful concepts and values can inspire many people. This encyclopedia can be said to have made great contributions to society and benefited the people.

It is a great honor for founders of PIXIU Berhad was recommended by British Publishing House as one of the successful people in Malaysia and very grateful to be included in the Encyclopedia of Successful People together with so many outstanding and successful people. The founders expressed his gratitude and appreciate.

This interview once again proves that the PIXIU Berhad is valued and affirmed by the society, and once again proves that the Positive Energy promoted by the PIXIU Berhad obtained highly recognized. It is grateful that the PIXIU Berhad can make a little contribution to the society. Here, PIXIU Berhad promises to continue to deliver Positive Energy and help more customers to enhance their Positive Energy.

This honor should be attributed to all the Customers, Distributors and Employees of the PIXIU Berhad, also founders’s family and friends who have continuously supported and encouraged. Through this interview, PIXIU Berhad has entered another milestone. Wishes to PIXIU Berhad can reach a new height. PIXIU Berhad will thoroughly practice its mission and realize the vision of the PIXIU Berhad 【To Make Life Be Filled of Positive Energy】.


貔貅集团创办人受邀接受英国出版社British Publishing House的采访并分享创办人的成功故事,而创办人的故事会被收录在由British Publishing House出版的【马来西亚成功人士百科大全】的百科书里, 此书将会被珍藏在马来西亚的各大图书馆。


非常荣幸的貔貅集团创办人被British Publishing House推荐为马来西亚成功人士之一,能与这么多优秀和成功的人士一起被编入成功人士百科大全,创办人表示非常感恩与万分感激。



Mission 使命

Start The Mind for Enlightenment
Reproduce My True Self

启心开悟 重现真我

Vision 愿景

To Make Life Be filled with Positive Energy



  • Love
  • Dedication
  • Unity
  • Improvement
  • Enthusiasm
  • Persistence
  • Trust
  • Thanksgiving
  • Intention
  • Innovation

Founder Profiles 创办人简介

Company Profile 公司简介

PIXIU BERHAD 201901012345(1321673-A) is a company which transmit Positive Energy. Through the hard work of the 5 founders around the clock & combined with their experience, they finally set up an energy company that can contribute to life. Pixiu Berhad provides customers with energized products that can improve their lives through the combination of ancient wisdom and science. Pixiu Berhad customers from Malaysia & some are distributed in Singapore, Australia, China, Myanmar, England, Portugal etc.

“Pixiu” an energetic product which build foundation of Pixiu Berhad. Pixiu is a mascot with a long-standing history in Chinese Culture, is the energy and wisdom of Chinese Culture. Its power and energy have been benefited to many customers. In addition, to promote the positive energy of Pixiu to public, Pixiu Berhad also contributes to the promotion and inheritance of Chinese Culture.

In addition to Pixiu this energy product, Pixiu Berhad has also made every effort to launch a variety of energy products, making every effort to help customers improve their positive energy.

At present, Pixiu Berhad has helped more than 2000 customers improve their lives and enhance their positive energy. The number of members has exceeded 5000. In addition to serving customers, Pixiu Berhad is also committed to cultivating and building professionals in PIXIU industry. After joining us, they become Positive Energy Transmitters of Pixiu Berhad and bring positive energy to more people.

In December 2020, Pixiu Berhad was invited to join [Shanghai Celebrity Interview], a interview program with audience rating of 10 million launched by [Shanghai]. [Shanghai] is the oldest Chinese commercial media platform in Malaysia. During the interview, Pixiu Berhad shared its entrepreneurial journey to encourage a new generation of young people to start their own life with positive energy. At the same time, Pixiu Berhad was also recommended to the [World Consumer Prestige] magazine for exclusive interview. It can be said that this is a new milestone for Pixiu Berhad.

公司简介貔貅集团是一家传递正能量的企业,通过 5 位创办人日以继夜、研精苦思的努力,再结合他们的经验,最终成立了一家能为生命贡献的能量公司。貔貅集团通过古老智慧与科学的结合,提供顾客能改善自身能量磁场和生活的能量产品。貔貅集团的顾客主要源自马来西亚,也有部分顾客分布在新加坡、澳洲、中国、缅甸、英国、土耳其等。