Reborn Essential Oil


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After facing so many difficulties, life has become boring, life seems to have lost its passion?

Let [Reborn] Essential Oil warm your heart and comfort your spirit and soul. [Reborn] can help you release depressed emotions, let people express themselves in freedom, and detach themselves from daily frustrations, and retrieve their confidence and motivation in life.

[Reborn] Essential Oil can lead us to a state of physical and mental happiness and balance, and relieve mental fatigue, depression, indifference and emptiness. [Reborn] leading us to wander in the "happy paradise" so that we can feel refreshed and invigorated.

[Reborn] Essential Oil have a very good balance and coordination effect, can change one's extreme attitudes, and are the best help for those who pursue perfection and are obsessed with work. Rest assured, it will not reduce your enthusiasm for hard work, but will only help you maintain a balance between "heart" and "brain".

Fumigating Reborn Essential Oil in the room can create an atmosphere of inspiration and care, so that everyone in the environment can feel a smile from the heart, and let the smile bloom on the face again. ️

[Reborn] Essential Oil is a compound essential oil that combines two precious essential oils, namely Geranium and Bergamot. These two essential oils play an important role in Energy Magnetic Field and Feng Shui;


Let a person's fortune improve, make wealth more prosperous. Make the indoor environment fresher and feel very well.


Plants have the meaning of auspiciousness and wealth. It can improve the fortune of the family, bring good luck to wealth, help the increase of family luck and career luck, and also bring good air purification.

How to use Reborn Essential Oil:

1) Take 3-4 drops each time and drop into the SpacePurifier.

2) Friends who wear the Pixiu & Crystal can turn the Pixiu & Crystal three times on the mist emitted by the space purifier to achieve the effect of blessing and regenerate the energy magnetic field.

3) It can be used in rooms, living rooms, studios and other environmental places to improve the energy field.

4) It is suitable for yoga and meditation. It can open the energy magnetic field of the seven chakras, which has a good effect on the Body, Mind, and Soul.

5) Poor sleep and insomnia, using Reborn Essential Oil can achieve deep and good sleep.

6) For friends who are stressed, depressed, and easily nervous, using Reborn Essential Oil can help relieve stress and achieved relaxation.



















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