Distributor Rules & Regulations

Distributor Rules & Regulations

About Distributor Ethics

  1. Facebook/Wechat/Whatsapp/Instagram and other social media tools, as long as Distributor used for the news promotion or product sales of Pixiu Berhad, you shall upload or set your real profile picture, name, resume and position. All relevant Pixiu Berhad marketing posts should be published in the [Public] mode. For WeChat, you shall set your moment to public.
  2. Do not post or share any posts, articles, photos, videos or any form of compose content related to negative energy, negativity, gossip, violence, violation of nature and pornography. Social media is a good field for creating a professional image of a person. Social media has the conditions to build a professional distributor. We should make full use of the benefits of social media instead of publishing unconstructive content.
  3. It is necessary for distributors to pay attention to and care about the distributor group all the time. The information released by the distributor group is relevant and helps to developed of your business in Pixiu Berhad. Kindly respond after reading all the messages posted, and develop a good habits so that you can nurture yourself to become a quality leader.
  4. Always pay attention to all the information released by the official website and FB Page of Pixiu Berhad, to grasp and understand the latest trends, promotions and products of the Pixiu Berhad. Participate/enter in Tutor’s live broadcast room, since tutors have rich qualifications and continue to accumulate experience and improve themselves in class, learning the content of the tutor’s live broadcast can help you grow quickly.
  5. Distributor group is not allowed to publish any information that is not related to the marketing content, except for those related videos or articles that can assist in marketing. Without the consent of the company, it is not allowed to rope other distributors in the distributor group to open another group to conduct any activities.
  6. All marketing resources released by the company in the distributor group (including: copywriting, news, photos, videos, etc.) can be used, and distributors can publish to their own social media such as Facebook/Wechat/Whatsapp/Instagram. If you need additional information, kindly inquiry from tutors.
  7. Price reduction or unreasonable price increase is not allowed, must be followed the market price or preferential price set by the company.
  8. It is not allowed to modify/amend the contents of official marketing/product, which released by the company and use for any form of publicity.
  9. For money related or abnormal relationship is not allowed in the distributor team. Any problems encountered must be reported/asked your upper level.
  10. The company does not accept any organization/online change arrangement.

About PV

  1. Distributors are responsible for ensuring that their downline and customers are on their referral list, which means that the REFERRAL in your downline and customer’s account must be your USER ID. If you find that downline and customers are not in your referral list, kindly inform Damien Tutor as soon as possible. If it is not executed/processed, any PVs made by downline and customers will be invalidated.
  2. Please make sure on the last day of each month that all orders have been in the state of [PAID]. Any failure to complete [PAID] due to the system must immediately inform assistant Siao Fang. If meet Saturday or Sunday is the last day of the month, if there is an order that cannot be completed [PAID], please inform Damien tutor immediately. For orders that have not been executed/processed the PVs will be retained to next month.

About Order

  1. When using Senangpay to make payment, whether it is using a credit/debit card/FPX, if you have tried 3 times but failed, kindly consult tutors, and no further attempts are allowed. If it is found more than 3 times, your credit card will be forbidden to pay in our Senangpay.
  2. Distributors want to know the latest product quantity, can find the latest product quantity uploaded by Jolynn tutor in the distributor group.
  3. For specially ordered products, kindly consult Stephanie tutor.

About Shipping

  1. After the distributor or customer receives the product, if there is a product problem/queries, they must report to company within 3 days, and company will not be responsible for more than 3 days.
  2. For mailing abroad, must explain to the customer that the customer shall bear the postage, which is charged according to the weight of the product, and the amount of postage will be automatically calculated by the system when the order is placed. If the products are in large quantities, they must be mailed separately, which will also increase the postage, which must be explained to the customer. Sending a large number of products together will face a higher risk.
  3. Lazurite Pixiu is made of glaze. The company’s position is to suggest that Lazurite Pixiu should be deliver in face to face will be better. Because the company cannot grasp the handling method of the shipping company during the transportation process, this may cause damage. If the distributor insists on choosing the shipping method, the company will not make compensation in the event of damage.
  4. If any parcel is missing due to the shipping company during transportation, the company will make a claim, but the PV of this order will be burned.

The contents of the Distributor Rules & Regulations are updated from time to time, so distributors shall read and update the latest contents.

Date Update: 19.11.2021


  1. Facebook / Wechat / Whatsapp / Instagram 等社交媒体工具,只要是经销商用于貔貅集团的消息宣传或产品销售等,均需上载或设置您本人的真实头像、名字、简历及职位。所有有关貔貅集团行销贴均将发布设定为【公开】模式。使用微信则需公开朋友圈。
  2. 不发布或分享任何有关负能量、负面、八卦、暴力、违反自然和色情等贴子、文章、照片、影片或任何形式的创作内容。社交媒体是一个很好打造个人专业形象的领域,社交媒体拥有打造专业经销商的条件,应充分利用社交媒体带来的益处,而非发布无建设性的内容。
  3. 经销商时时刻刻关注和关心经销商的群组是必须的,经销商群组所发布的信息都攸关和帮助自身貔貅集团事业的发展。所有发出的信息读完后请给于回应,养成良好习惯,如此可培育自身成为有素质的领导人。
  4. 时刻留意貔貅集团的官方网站和 FB PAGE 发布的所有信息,掌握和了解貔貅集团的最新动向、促销和产品。参与/进入导师的直播间,由于导师们拥有丰富的资历,并且不断地在累积经验和上课提升自我,因此学习导师的直播内容,可帮助您快速成长。
  5. 经销商群里不允许发布任何与行销内容不相关的资讯,除了那些能辅助行销的相关视频或文章。在没有经过公司的同意下,不允许私自在经销商群里拉拢其他经销商另开群组,进行任何活动。
  6. 经销商群里由公司所发布的所有行销资源(包括:文案、报喜、照片、视频等)都可以使用,经销商可以按照自己的方式,发布到自己的 Facebook / Wechat / Whatsapp / Instagram 等社交媒体工具。如需要额外资料可咨询导师。
  7. 不允许削价或无故提高价格的行为,必须跟随公司所设定的市场价格或优惠价格。
  8. 不允许私自更改/串改公司发布的官方行销/产品内容,用于任何形式的宣传。
  9. 在经销商团队里不允许有金钱上的瓜葛,不允许有不正常男女关系。遇到任何问题都必须向上报告/发问。
  10. 公司不接受任何更换组织/上线的安排。

关于 PV

  1. 经销商有责任确保自己的下线和顾客在自己的推荐名单里,就是说下线和顾客户口里的 REFERRAL 必须是您的 USER ID,若发现下线和顾客不在您的推荐名单里,请尽快联系 Damien 导师。假如没有执行/处理,任何下线和顾客所做的 PV 将会作废。
  2. 请在每个月的最后一天确保所有的订单已在【已支付】的状态,任何因系统造成无法完成【已支付】必须立刻联系助理小芳。如果遇到星期六或日是当月的最后一天,若有无法完成【已支付】的订单,请立刻联系 Damien 导师。没有被执行/处理的订单PV将会保留到下个月。


  1. 使用 Senangpay 付款时,无论是使用信用卡 / 借记卡 / FPX,尝试了 3 次还是失败,请咨询导师,不允许继续尝试。如果发现超过 3 次,将会禁止您的信用卡在我们的 Senangpay 付款。
  2. 经销商想知道最新的产品数量,可以在经销商群查找由 Jolynn 导师上传的最新产品数量。
  3. 特别订购的产品,请直接咨询 Stephanie 导师。


  1. 经销商或顾客收到产品后,如果出现产品问题 / 疑问,必须在 3 天以内向公司汇报,超过 3 天公司一概不负责。
  2. 邮寄国外必须向顾客说明,顾客需承担邮费,邮费按照产品重量征收,邮费数额会在下单时系统自动计算。如果产品数量庞大,必须分开邮寄,这样也会导致邮费提高,这点必须向顾客说明。庞大的产品数量一起邮寄会面临较高风险。
  3. 神彩貔貅属于琉璃材质,公司的立场是建议神彩貔貅是使用面交方式为佳。因为公司无法掌握邮寄公司在运输过程中的处理方式,这有可能会导致破损,如果经销商执意选择邮寄的方式,那么在遇到破损的情况下公司不会做出赔偿。
  4. 任何包裹在运输过程中,如果因邮寄公司导致不见,公司会做出理赔,但此订单的PV将会归零。



Work Dirtribution Process 工作分配流程